Latoya Cannon is the founder and owner of Runway Entourage virgin hair and boutique. Runway Entourage was founded in 2014. Latoya enjoys working with women of all sizes. She enjoys helping women feel confident and sexy no matter shape or size. She feels that a woman's confidence is her most greatest and sexiest asset. Latoya believes that a woman's confidence shows through every asset on her from her hair, her makeup, the clothes she wears, and the places she travels a woman's confidence in fashion speak louder than the career she has. Before devoting herself full time to Runway Entourage she was a full-time medical assistant/phlebotomist at DMC hospital. She has always had a way with people but unfortunately, that career didn't satisfy her love and passion to make people happy so she decided to start her own company where she can exercise her passion and do what she loves.
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